What if there was a way to DOUBLE your deals without any new leads?

Most Wholesalers only make cash offer to sellers, lets call that Plan A.

So what happens when plan A fails… Do you have a Plan B?

Most Wholesalers don’t… and the deal gets tossed into the circular file  yellfoot-in-mouthfrown

We have some great options for wholesale deals in livable condition, even those that others may have turned down!

Let us be your Plan B

Wholesalers can get more deals done in just 3 easy steps:


Step 1

Tell the seller you may have a partner that can get them their asking price, then ask if they want to learn more


Step 2

If the seller has a loan, get a copy of the current mortgage statement, as this is needed for the analysis


Step 3

Submit all the property details to us online!