Vacant Property

If your property has been vacant for some time, you may have a lot to worry about.
From vacant property insurance to the concern that local youngsters will destroy it by way of vandalism and loitering. Property values suffer and insurance coverage can go by the wayside – many insurers will deny coverage for vandalism on a property that has been vacant for more than thirty (30) days. Your investment is in danger of being lost.
If you have reached the point at which it is no longer worth the worry to keep your property but you still insist on a fairly priced sale, contact us.
We can buy your vacant property in the current condition and relieve you of your two most pressing concerns: we will close quickly, and offer you a fair price based on current market conditions.
Do you enjoy the money coming in every month, but hate dealing with a normal renter? Finance us your property! ONLY available for individuals who do not owe much on their property. You may be able to greatly increase your profits by financing us your property. Click the “Full price offer” button to your right or contact us for more details.
If you need instant property relief, click the cash offer option below.