Full Price Offer

It is true!  We may offer to pay you full price for your property! 

We are talking about full, as-is appraised value. If you can finance your property to us with favorable terms we can pay you full price.  

By financing the property to us, you will receive monthly payments for your property.  If we work out an arrangement that entails principal only payments, we may be able to pay you full price.

For example:  

Your property appraises for $100,000.00

Our company would pay you $1000.00 a month for roughly 8 and 1/2 years. 

$1000.00 per month x 100 months = $100,000.00 

Thus, you’ve sold your property for the current full appraised value in this slow market. 

This program will only work if you have a lot of equity in your property.  

Contact us for more details on this program.  It is only available in certain situations.

As you can tell, we are innovative at coming up with win-win solutions. To receive a simple cash offer on your property, click the cash offer option below.