Expired Listing

If you want to list your home, call an agent. If you want to sell your home, call us.

A salesperson’s livelihood is based as much on selling themselves as it is on their expertise.  Your Real Estate Agent may have made big promises about their ability to sell your property.  

When they cannot deliver, the excuses start to come.  “If only you had one more bathroom; you need to spend money improving your property, you need to come down in price,” etc.

Some Agents tend to over sell and under deliver.  It is not their intention, but this market is CRAZY.  From property prices dropping, mortgage companies going out of business, banks selling properties in your area for pennies on the dollar, etc.

We do not want to list your property, we want to buy it, ASAP.  We are your ready, willing, and able buyer!

Results: That’s what we are about.  

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